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There have been a number of unpleasant incidents of anti-social behaviour recently on the Rec. in which some Parish Councillors and their contractors have had the misfortune to be caught up, involving intimidating and threatening behaviour, foul and abusive language,
mis-use of equipment and criminal damage which costs our community money
to repair. All incidents have been reported to the Police who have attended on 2 occasions, PCSO and ASB dept of the Community Safety Unit at DDC.
Preventative measures already taken by the Parish Council include locking up the old toddlers area and the toilets early, and installation of CCTV.  Please support your Parish Council by reporting any incidents to:

Police (Tel. 101)
Community Safety Unit csu@dover.gov.uk (Tel. 01304 872220)
Our PCSO gretel.may@kent.pnn.police.uk (Tel. 07966 299006).
As a final measure the Recreation Ground will now be locked up earlier every evening.

By clerk

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