Dover District Council have commissioned an independent survey of demand for hackney carriage services. This type of survey is required periodically, in accordance with Department for Transport Guidance.
The survey work is primarily concerned with the level of service provided by Hackney Carriages (which may be hired directly at taxi ranks). However, not all areas within the district are served through taxi ranks. Hence, there is interest in any feedback concerning both hackney carriages and private hire vehicles (which must be pre-booked). Have any issues arisen post-Covid? Are there any new requirements which are not being met?
It is not only information regarding problems and issues, which are being sought. If services work well, if some drivers or companies are particularly helpful, it would be good to hear about such positive features as well.
The survey is open until 9th September 2022. Click the link below to view the survey which should take about three minutes to complete:

By clerk

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