Two days ago a couple on Lewisham Road experienced a visit from two males claiming to be roofers. The man from the address had gone out for a short time and when he returned to the address two men in a small white van with a ladder on top (no VRM) approached him. They claimed to have been working up the road and noticed loose tiles on his house and gave him his house number (they had clearly been watching him when he left the address). They agreed to fix the tiles for £15. While they were up on the roof the couple’s daughter arrived by the time the men got down. They tried to put the price up to £130 but then dropped it back to £15 when the daughter started questioning them. She does not believe there was anything wrong with the roof.

Male 1- White, Brown/blonde short hair, 5ft10, slim, approx 20 yrs old. Dressed in black jacket grey tracksuit bottoms
Male 2-White Dark hair, 5ft 8, chunky build, blue striped jumper

By clerk

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