A section 59 warning was issued to a driver in River, after the vehicle had been bought to police attention for speeding in the village. It was then witnessed by the PCSO, and a section 59 warning was issued. When reporting a nuisance vehicle, please give us as much of this information as possible:

  • The Time, Day, Date and Location of the incident.
  • Either the names of, or a description of the offender, as full as possible, including clothing.
  • Any vehicle markings, such as registration numbers and a full description of the vehicle, including the make, model, vehicle type, colour, any distinctive markings or damage.
  • If images (stills or CCTV) can be obtained at no risk to the informant, please click this link to email these to: CSU.dover@kent.police.uk .

There have been numerous reports made this month in the Temple Ewell and Lydden area regarding nuisance bikes. Please report this by telephoning, 1 0 1 with as much detail as possible. Including the colour, make, registration and any description of the driver.

If this is reported through 1 0 1, or an online report, then Kent Police are aware of the nuisance this is causing in the area. If then witnessed by a uniformed officer, a section 59 warning can be issued. The first part of a section 59 is a warning. A warning is issued if the driver has been seen driving without due care and attention or without reasonable consideration for others. Also, if they were causing or likely to cause, alarm, distress or annoyance to others. If the driver is seen again by a uniformed officer within 12 months, commiting a similar offence, their vehicle will be seized and they will be charged for recovery and storage of the vehicle.

Click this link to make an online report to Kent Police.

Kent Police are working with you to tackle anti-social behaviour and improve public safety.

Reporting a Nuisance Motorbike

By clerk

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