Affinity Water have just released their new Water Resources Management Plan and have started a public consultation. This information received from Affinity Water:

“Within the next five years and beyond there will not be enough water to meet increases in demand, unless we make changes. Doing nothing is not an option. We need to act now to ensure there is enough water for future generations. Our Water Resources Management Plan sets out how much water is needed in the future and how we will meet this need, it is a long-term plan from 2020 to 2080. This plan will affect you and your community so it is important we take your views into account. We need to make sure our plan addresses the challenges we all face and provides the best value for customers and the environment.”

To take part in the consultation click the web link below. Or If you would like any of the information in large print, braille or audio. Please Telephone 0345 357 2406 or complete the Priority Services form.


By clerk

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